Ambient aware provisioning of Continuous Care for Intra-mural Organization
01/04/2010 - 31/03/2012
Has been initialized

This project wants to investigate how the newest insights and developments in ICT can support the continuous care provision process within intra-mural care organizations. Specifically, the project will consider the possibility to support care through ontology-based systems in two types of settings: residential care for people with physical disabilities and hospital care.

This project unites academic research groups (SMIT, CUO and IBCN) and professional actors (Televic, Boone, Dominiek Savio Institute and In-HAM). SMIT, in particular, has the lead over the first work package in the project, which concerns an investigation of caregivers' practices in the settings mentioned above. Throughout the project, SMIT aims to facilitate the development of a human-centered ontology and caregivers' ideation of future/ideal care. This takes place in close collaboration with the other research groups involved in the project.