3D Printing: Preliminary Study on Potential Implications
20/12/2013 - 09/05/2014
Has been initialized

This project will contribute to the research programme of the IS Unit of IPTS, through collecting and structure information on 3D printing, as a technology, a product and a market service and propose policy relevant research questions. It shall consider both development of 3D printing by the (1) EU industry, and (2) use or potential use of 3D printing, in four related domains: (1) R&D, (2) Innovation impact of 3D printing, (3) Market impact of 3D printing, (4) Potential policy implications of 3D printing (e.g., diffusion, IPRs and black markets)
The work is organized two work packages (WPs):
1. Collect existing data and information on 3D printing, produce a structural analysis of this information (i.e. positive and negative impacts), in a report of maximum 30 pages, and present an inventory of information sources as an Annex to this structural analysis.  (WP1)
2. Develop a policy brief with prioritized policy relevant research questions. (WP2)

Budget: 15.000 €