The Human Interface Multicamera Acquisition for Story-telling & QUalitatively Enhanced Reality in Ambient 3D Environments
01/04/2008 - 31/03/2010
Has been finalized

On a technical level, HI-Masquerade aimed at demonstrating real-time, authentic, immersive human interaction experiences that can operate over remote distance and feel as natural as possible. To pursue this goal, academic as well as industrial technical research groups joined forces (Alcatel-Lucent, BARCO, Nazooka, EDM, IMEC and Visics).

SMIT complemented and informed this technical research by conducting user research in the context of remote family play through virtual worlds. In particular, SMIT:
1. Guided collaborative creation and selection of use cases and scenarios that made user and technical requirements explicit
2. Investigated the determinants and aspects of presence (including immersion) and critically assessed its role in remote family play
3. Explored the potential of (mixed-reality) virtual worlds as a means for family interaction and formulating recommendations
4. Evaluated a proof of concept generated during the project