Media ID
A next generation federated identity management solution for a regional ecosystem of media providers.
01/02/2013 - 31/12/2013
Has been initialized

The goal of this MIX research project is to incept, evaluate and extend an open, scalable and reliable federated identity and access management solution for media consumers with support for advanced value added services for personalized media. Media ID will enable the Flemish media companies to extend and better support their relation with their customers in order to service them in a better way.
Applied research will iteratively and incrementally build up advanced deployment know-how on how to provide a common entry point for authentication of the consumers with federation support for authorisation and access, as well as integration capabilities with media provider assets. The Media ID project will explore QoS and SLA requirements and analyze the feasibility of new enabling technologies for future media. It will investigate privacy concerns and compliance with existing and future Belgian and European legislation, as well as new business models and the user adoption potential through user acceptance studies. The Media ID proof-of-concept will be valorised through a versatile set of business use cases and media services from the industry.

Partners: Media ID cvba; Mediargus NV; Roularta Media Group; Corelio; Concentra Media; Mediafin; De Persgroep: Sanoma Media; De Vijver Media; VMMa; VRT; iMinds-SMIT; iMinds-DistriNet; iMinds-COSIC; iMinds-ICRI; iMinds-MICT; iMinds-CUO; iMinds-iLab.o