Care for balancing informal care delivery through on-demand and multi-stakeholder service design
01/01/2013 - 31/12/2014
Has been initialized

C4B creates a balanced ecosystem in which informal and formal care strengthen and complement each other, giving informal carers assistance through cooperation with formal carers, whilst optimizing the balance “proximity” versus “autonomy” in view of the elderly person. It avoids overprotection by informal carers, leading to burn-outs and non-optimal situations.

The older adult will have a status board based on visual tags, through which status updates and care needs can be indicated. Involved care actors will have a dashboard view on status and needs of the older adults based on contextual and interactive information and on the status and actions of the other carers. Early warning systems based on sensor technology and intelligent data analysis will extend direct user needs and will be implemented leading to more peace of mind and quality of life. All these components are linked together through a generic platform that service providers and formal carers can use to deliver services or applications. All these technical innovations will create an ecosystem that brings together older adults, informal and formal carers and optimizes care.

End user participation is crucial to achieve these goals. C4B foresees co-creation of the C4B service with the older adults and their carers. Through iterative development cycles and early introduction into living labs and field trials, our end users evaluate the solutions. 

C4B envisages market introduction through (home)care organisations offering a platform to balance formal and informal care provision. Informal carers will be able to give better and sustainable care, decreasing overall care cost and improving quality of life. C4B improves personalized and on-demand care provision.


Partners: iMinds-IBCN-uGent; iMinds-SMIT-VUB; Televic Healthcare; ConnectedCare; Hogeschool van Amsterdam; Van Dorp zorg & welzijn B.V.; AMSTA; Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs; Pervaya; Vigisense SA; iHomeLab - LUAS