Organizing Care through trusted Cloudy-like Services
01/01/2012 - 31/03/2014
Has been finalized

As eHealth is moving upwards on the international agenda and ICT solutions and services are being deployed, along with the necessary process re-organizations, Belgium and Flanders are developing ICT support for care delivery and organization; mainly at the meso- and the macro-level.
These ICT services will improve care delivery in future society and will contribute to a sustainable healthcare model. However, end-to-end ICT services to support the micro-level of daily care organization are at risk of being installed on parallel non-interoperable tracks for the myriad of formal and informal caregivers. Additionally, this also may lead to an unexplored treasure of potential valuable information remaining out of scope.

O’CareCloudS wants to research and develop a “Cloud-like” software system that allows to create care services based on automatically generated information and knowledge. This project wants to offer services related to the cross-border of different personal living hemispheres of the client/patient: the daily care related needs, the social needs and the daily life assistance.

The OCCS system will be interoperable and complementary to existing and evolving eHealth and eCare web-portals. Next to this the OCCS project will research and investigate solutions for the “trustworthiness” creation of care networks and a user-centric control over the sharing network by the client/patient. The access to the OCCS systems and services will thus be based more on the trust allocated by the client/patient to the actual personal network of formal and informal caregivers.

The OCCS project will deliver new insights in how the micro level management of the daily care provisioning could be supported by novel ICT systems and services, and on how the care field would react on these type of applications.

Partners: Televic Healthcare; Philips Innovative Applications; Telecom IT; OCMW Kortrijk; OCMW Gent; Boone N.V.; Familiehulp; IBCN-UGent; CUO-K.U. Leuven; DistriNet-K.U.Leuven