01/01/2012 - 31/01/2014
Has been initialized

The consortium of industrial partners wants to build an open platform for cross-loyalty/payment schemes, using the synergy between two booming phenomena: the ever-growing group of mobile internet users and the online social networks. This platform will be extended towards a Community Services Platform that will support location-based ad-hoc group deals and collaborative consumption. Moreover, new opportunities will be revealed throughout the entire research process.

Because of the strong user-centred methodological perspective, the end-user will play a central role in the project, therefore, end-user feedback will be generated iteratively (by means of both qualitative as quantitative research designs) throughout the entire development process of the CoMobile services. From the first month of the project a large-scaled panel will be set up to serve as a reference framework for profiling and validation on the one hand, and a recruitment framework more in-depth (living lab) research on the other hand.

Partners: Mobile Vikings, Netlog, Clear2Pay, City Live, BDMA, Alcatel-Lucent Bell