SMART HOME: towards the intelligent electrical installation. Integration of energy management in home electronics
01/10/2011 - 30/09/2015
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The electricity grid is evolving towards a smart grid. This means that between producers and users of electricity next to the power cord an additional connectivity layers is established. It adds a specific communication channel through which various commands can be transferred. It is expected that electricity provides will offer multi-tarrifs, based on the availability of eg. solar and wind-energy. From this a new market on domestic energy management systems is rising. In this system electro devices will communicate with a central system as well as to the power grid in order to lower the consumption.
This Smart Home-context implies different changes in the current electro installations. Next to the traditional cabling also more intelligent, communication networks needs to be implemented.

The objective of this project is prepare the electro industry for the new technological changes related to the broad context of Smart Homes.

Partners: VEI; VITO; KHK