01/09/2010 - 31/08/2013
Has been finalized

UniverSelf unites 17 partners with the aim of overcoming the growing management complexity of future networking systems, and to reduce the barriers that complexity and ossification pose to further growth.

While there has been undeniable progress in the field of autonomics research over the past several years across the world and especially in Europe, widespread deployments of self-management techniques are still missing. At the same time the need for techniques enabling the transformation of operational models, the evolution of networks towards a flexible playground for operators, and more generally techniques participating to the increase of the return on investment, is becoming more and more evident. Further, most efforts and initiatives have been focussed on solving manageability bottlenecks in a given technological domain, while services extend anywhere, regardless of the technological boundaries (e.g., wireline/wireless).

UniverSelf arises from this context and is thus driven by the need and objective to take self-management a leap further, and, in doing so, be both a federating and impactful project.