Alexander Deweppe

Alexander Deweppe
Alexander Deweppe started working for SMIT in spring 2012.

Alexander studied Art History at Ghent University. His master's thesis in historical musicology was on the topic of classiscal quotation in (progressive) rock music.

In early 2008, he started working on a his PhD research at the Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music (IPEM), the research department for systematic musicology at Ghent University. This research project dealt with user-centered development of embodied music mediation technologies. His doctoral dissertation is concerned with sociology of music, unstable media art adoption of cultural-creative industries and usability of collaborative interfaces for musical expression.

Within the Digital Cultures group of SMIT, he is working on a number of policy-preparing research studies for the Flemish government in the domains of ICT, culture participation, media use and media literacy.