Kassandra Rothenstadt

Kassandra Rothenstadt
She has obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Communications (with a minor in French) as well as a Master of Arts in the same field from the University of Calgary, Canada in 2004 and 2007 respectively.
For her Honours' thesis, entitled "The socio-rhetorical influences of Baltasar Gracian's Oracle," she has done a rhetorical and socio-cultural analysis of one of Gracian's most influential work "The Art of Worldly Wisdom: A pocket Oracle," examining the author and his text from a historical, critical and thematic examination. Specifically, the analysis was done as a study of rhetorical history, rhetorical criticism at the same time considering the author’s specific intellectual education as well as the epoque’s cultural and literary trends.

In her Master's thesis, "Identity and European Integration: The role of Cultural Policy," she has focused on the European Union’s cultural policy as well as its practical implementation through an analysis of the European audiovisual sector. More specifically, the project sought to explore the cultural dimension of identity construction undertaken by the EU within the framework of its project of integration. Culture, within the specific context of the study, has been examined from an industrial perspective, where culture is treated as a commodity.

Kassandra's function at SMIT is that of researcher while also pursuing her PhD studies under the supervision of Joke Bauwens and Karl Verstrynge.  It is an interdisciplinary degree combining Communication sciences and Sociology on the one hand and Philosophy on the other.  The subject matter of the project is on the emotion of political indignation and its role in the virtual political sphere with implications for the larger social structure as well as for the invidual ethical-existential considerations.