Gorazd Marinic

Gorazd Marinic
Senior Researcher
Gorazd Marinic is a Senior Researcher at iMinds-SMIT, specialising in Smart Cities, Smart Grids and Internet of Things (IoT).

Gorazd has industry experience in Mobile Internet services, connectivity and applications, Mobile Payents and software development. He worked as a Mobile Internet Expert at Mobitel, Slovenia, where he consulted in the development and commercialization of many Mobile Internet related projects. In 2004 he led Mobile Payment and vehicle tracking projects in SE Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, China). Later on he focused mainly on development of several internet services, high-traffic internet media portals and intranet applications.

He holds a M.Sc. in Infonomics (Internet and Network Economics) from Maastricht University, The Netherlands, and his scientific fields include Mobile VoIP and messaging, Net Neutrality and OTT services.

At iMinds-SMIT he is coordinating a Smart Cities project ECIM - European Cloud for Intelligent Mobility, managing 14 project partners and running pilots in Brussels, Barcelona and Paris, and he is also involved in project proposals in the field of Wearables and Digital TV Advertisement.