Paolo Aversano

Researcher Paolo Aversano
My work of research is currently focused on Business models and Smart cities within national and international projects. As my academic and personal interests are various, since the beginning of my higher education I decided to approach the study of communication having a multidisciplinary approach: I earned a Bachelor`s degree in Communication, Journalism & Cinema at the University of Bari, a first Master`s degree in Marketing at the University of Naples and a second one focused on Business models and European policies at the VUB of Brussels. 

Professional experience (have a look at my profile, Link 1):
- Project Management Assistant for Is-Practice, Belgian company located in Brussels and focused on European projects.
- Internship for Mysponsor, Belgian company that manages the national sponsorship activities of international firms.
- Management Consultant at ProArt Italia. Tasks: Communication strategies, selection of products and lines, commercial relationships with customers.


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