About emma
The European Media Management Association (emma) is an international not-for-profit academic organisation that was founded in 2003 to support growth in media management research, scholarship and practice throughout Europe and around the world. The association pursues the following aims:


  • To serve the needs and interests of the academic community that is providing education and producing scientific research in media management and economics, especially in Europe but open to membership from anywhere in the world
  • To provide a forum where educators, researches and practitioners share and develop information and documentation about their work in media management and economics
  • To encourage scientific research that is relevant to the field and this community, and to stimulate intellectual interest and development of the field
  • To promote communication, co-operation and collaboration between Association members
  • To spur scientific discourse and publication on all relevant platforms for the circulation of scholarship (online, in print, electronic, etc.)
  • To encourage, support and promote the work and development of young researchers and educators in this field
  • To facilitate links between relevant national and international organisations, professional media firms, and regulatory agencies within and across sectors – public, private and volunteer
  • To encourage and support diversity within the community


Emma has two categories of membership.

  1. Individual members are active in media management education and research at universities, companies and other organisations.
  2. Institutional members are university departments, institutes and programmes, as well as media companies and other organisations, interested in media management research and education.
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