Digital Media
The media in disruption

The adoption of ICTs and new products and services is disrupting the traditional media field, with a specific detrimental impact on media revenues. The digitalization of media services and the new demands of media consumers are transforming the media industry into an ecosystem of multiple players where the whole media value chain is faced with customer groups having many alternative ways to consume news, information and entertainment.
Because innovation is about creating value in a context of uncertainty, research is a tool to get better insights during the innovation process.

Our approach

• User research
Our user research methods help gather user requirements (from both media consumers as well as producers), to conceptually refine media services and inform Proof of Concept development.
Over the years, SMIT’s user research team has built up considerable research expertise in conducting domain analyses, participatory design and living lab research, which helps to initiate and facilitate a process of ‘mutual learning’ between the designers, engineers and the targeted users, allowing contextualization of the media application under development.

• Business research
Our business modeling methods help gather all aspects of the business model. This includes an analysis of the value chain or network, the revenue flows, market size and growth, the financial design of media services. We deliver industry, service or product scans or scenarios from a business point of view.
SMIT’s business modeling team has extensive experience in media economic issues pertaining to the digital media strategies.

• Policy research
Our policy research helps investigating and analyzing the current and future Belgian and European media regulation. Our research can create a clear and comprehensive set of policy requirements. We have experience in issues such as privacy, data protection, European media regulation, e-commerce and citizen participation.

We work with media companies, policy makers, private actors and public institutions, journalists and media professionals, and governments.
Within companies we work together with
• Strategic management
• Marketing
• Product developers